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Friends of Leeds & Broomfield Churches


The Friends of Leeds and Broomfield Churches are a group of people, who are concerned that their local churches, as integral architectural features of their villages, should be preserved from dilapidation and decay.

The Friends were founded in 1999 and have approx 100 members. Each pay a small annual subscription which forms part of a small contribution to help keep these ancient buildings maintained.

A series of fund-raising events are often held to raise much needed funds.  These have included Safari Suppers which are held in various houses around the villages, Barn Dances, Garden Parties (with a contest for the best-made scarecrow), Auctions and even formal dinners held at Leeds Castle which features entertainment by the Cameo Opera Singers.  Overall many hundreds of pounds have been raised since the Friends started in 1999.

To offer your support or to find out more about the Friends of Leeds& Broomfield Churches, visit their website by clicking on the link below.  The church is a centrepiece to any English village, one that must be preserved for generations to come.

Click to visit Friends of Leeds & Broomfield churches