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Parish Council Committees


Committees & Representatives

Planning Committee

Cllr. Springford

Cllr. Fort


Finance Committee

Cllr. Govett 

Cllr. China

Highways Committee

Cllr. Govett

Cllr. Martin

Cllr. Greeff

Funding Committee

To be appointed as necessary


Footpaths Cllrs. Greeff/Springford

Police Liaison Cllr. Springford

Special Constable Cllr. Springford

KALC Cllrs. China/Martin

JPG Cllrs. Fort

Playing Field/Pavillion Cllr. China

Environmental/Maintenance Cllr. China

Lorry Watch/Speed Watch Cllr. Martin

Street Lighting Cllr. China

School Liaison Cllr. Greeff

Public Transportation Cllr. Springford

Parish Magazine Cllrs. Fort/China


Website Cllr. Govett